Social and Community Participation

Social and Community Participation

Social and Community participation is about supporting people with a disability to take part in the community, getting out and about, meeting people, and trying new things. That might be signing up for an art class, going on a holiday, learning to play an instrument, playing sport, swimming, doing exercise, doing something outside of your home in the community or many other activities.

This funding covers the participants need to meet goals relating to participating in community, social or recreational activities.

Under Assistance with Social and Community Participation, the NDIS may fund a support worker to support you to:

Attend personal development courses

Join a social group

Take an outing or a holiday

Visit your local library

See a movie or a concert

Go to community events

Join a sporting club

Much much more

NDIS support categories

Community Access Social & Community Participation are funded under one of the following in your NDIS plan.

  • Core – Assistance with Community Access Social & Community Participation
  • Capacity Building – Increased Community Access Social & Community Participation

Please note: We bill in line with the NDIS Price Guide, which generally increases annually.

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Social and Community Participation


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Social and Community Participation


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Social and Community Participation


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Social and Community Participation

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Social and Community Participation

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Social and Community Participation

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