FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Absolute In Home Care?

In Home Care is care provided to you in your own home. Absolute In Home Care is an established registered service provider supporting individuals to remain in their own home where they feel safe and comfortable. We strive to meet the unique needs and aspirations of individuals, adults and children by providing quality, friendly and reliable supports in the home and the community.

How do I find the right Support Worker?

Absolute In Home Care completes this process for you, based on the information you have provided about yourself and ensures that suitably qualified and experienced carers are matched to meet the individual needs of each individual and family. The team at Absolute In Home Care strive to ensure the support and care requirements of each individual are met. Depending on needs, we may suggest more than 1 support person for you to consider. The more information you can provide us with around your needs to help us match the right support worker the more helpful this will be in finding the right person for you. We will match the right quality support worker for you, organise the paperwork and care can commence at a mutually convenient date and time. The team at Absolute In Home Care always strive to ensure the requirements and care needed is met.  You can always discuss this with us if you feel the match is not suitable, we will endeavour to find you a more suitable worker.

What will the support worker duties/responsibilities be?

Your support worker will have their responsibilities outlined in their Job Description, which is information provided by you or your support coordinator. The extent of responsibility is negotiated between the client, our agency and the support person depending on the family’s needs and requirements.

Support workers help with customer independence and quality of life. They work in clients’ homes and provide both physical assistance and emotional support. This can range from:

  •  Assisting people to perform important daily activities
  •  Facilitating daily personal hygiene and dressing tasks
  •  Performing home based tasks such as food preparation and housework
  •  Undertaking tasks outside the home such as shopping
  •  Ensuring a varied program of social activities
  •  Providing emotional support and friendship
  •  Providing care while parents are absent from the home
  •  Providing respite care to all ages
What Services do we cover?
  • NDIS participants
  • TAC/ WorkCover clients
  • Fee for Service/Brokerage
  • Daily Personal Activities – Assisting with, and or supervising, personal tasks of daily life to develop skills of the participant to live as autonomously as possible. These supports are provided individually to participants. The support can be provided in a range of environments including but not limited to the participant’s own home.
  • Household Tasks – Supports to enable the participant to maintain their home environment. This may involve undertaking essential household tasks or the provision of support that the participant is not able to undertake.
  • Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities – Assisting participants to participate actively in the community by developing and enhancing a participant’s skills and providing supports for these activities.
  • Increased Community Participation – For example travel training, assistance to transition into a new education or work environment
  • Improved Daily Living – Assisting participants to learn specific skills and assist with therapy practice to enhance goal achievement.
  • Nanny in the home – Providing care for babies and children in the home.
What do I need to do as a client when receiving services?

 Work with your Support Worker to explain your circumstances, needs and expectations. The better the communication you can build with your Support Worker, the better they can assist you in the way you require.

  •  Maintain an operable home and or mobile telephone number so that the Support Worker and the Management team may contact you.
  •  Give at least 14 days’ notice of taking holidays so that alternative work can be arranged for the Support Worker.
  •  Give as much notice as possible if support is not required due to illness, other family support etc.  Refer to the cancellation specifications.
  •  Complete any feedback and evaluation forms that are provided to ensure the best outcomes for your services.
  •  Time sheets/logins – please initial each day that the Support Worker works, giving your approval and consent that the Support Person worked the hours as stated on the time sheet/login. In the case of electronic timesheets, the support worker will use the

‘location’ of your home, and your digital signature as evidence they were working at those times. You can ask to see their electronic timesheets at any time.

How do I pay for the service?

Depending on the service you are utilising the following payment conditions apply:

NDISYou must ensure you are an eligible participant within the NDIS and have an approved support plan with available funding from NDIS.

  1. We can claim directly to NDIS on your behalf via the NDIS Provider Portal
  2. You can select a Plan Management Agency that we would invoice fortnightly
  3. You can Self Manage your funding, and we can invoice you directly for your supports.

TAC / WorkSafe – You must ensure you are registered and have Approval from the TAC. You need to tell TAC that you have nominated our service to do the child care/ home services.

Absolute In Home Care will not go into a home without an approval first received directly from the TAC. Your support worker will ask you to verify the hours they have worked by signing their time sheet at the end of every shift. Please check that the times are correct as these hours will be charged against your TAC approved funding. Providing you have approval and have nominated Absolute In Home Care as your selected provider, it is up to Absolute In Home Care to finalise all associated payments directly with TAC. If, however you choose to go over your allocated approval hours In Home Care will send an account directly to you to pay for outstanding services that have not been approved by TAC.

Fee for Service/Brokerage including: Private Cleaning, Aged Care and Nanny Child Care – A signed agreement is put in place. By approving and signing the support worker/nanny/cleaners time sheets, you are authorising Absolute In Home Care to issue you with an invoice for those hours. Accounts are issued fortnightly and payable within 7 days.

What happens if my Support Person is sick or on holidays?

Absolute In Home Care will endeavour to replace your support person with another support person registered with our service. At short notice this cannot always be guaranteed.  Absolute In Home Care’s recommendation for clients with funding for high level supports and large amount of approved/booked hours to consider multiple support workers for backup.

What happens if I am sick?

If you have a contagious illness, it is courtesy to contact your support worker to cancel your shift so that they do not become ill. If they become ill, they may not be able to care for you or other clients that require care. Common sense must prevail, for example, a low-grade cold may be OK to continue the shift if reasonable hygiene practices are put in place. We have an Illness Exclusion Policy that we provide each client with upon commencement with our service that gives a clear idea of the illnesses that need consideration.

Can I change my days / hours?

Yes – but with approval. You can discuss a decrease/increase or change in hours with your Support Person. If you both agree that a suitable arrangement can be made, approval must be gained by the Absolute In Home Care management team. Please contact the office on 9455 8989 prior to any permanent changes taking effect. This process ensures that we can discuss your funding with you, to try and ensure your funding lasts the duration of your plan.

How long can I receive this service?

Most forms of care our generally provided on an ongoing basis.

If you are an NDIS participant: Approval is granted via NDIS meaning that Absolute In Home Care can only deliver services within the approval dates or if funding is available.  You will be provided with the specific approval information so that you can decide based on this.

If you are a TAC or WorkSafe client: Approvals are granted with end dates. We communicate these clearly to you. Should you require more assistance, it is your responsibility as the recipient to contact TAC / WorkSafe to apply for further assistance under your claim.

Who can I speak to if I have any concerns/questions?

We support you to discuss any concerns with your support person. If you feel uncomfortable, or have queries regarding other matters, you can call the Absolute In Home Care team on PH: 9455 8989.

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