Covid Update May 2020

Firstly we would like to thank you all for continuing to provide supports to our participants and clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Thank you to all workers who have contacted us to cease working while unwell, or have presented with COVID-19 like symptoms and completed the appropriate COVID-19 testing.   I am pleased to advise that to date, we have not received any positive outcomes, so well done to you all.

I think it is an appropriate time to send communications to all staff as a reminder and requirement as we start to head towards proposed relaxation to restrictions from both the federal and state governments, but must not become complacent.

We cannot stress enough the importance of good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing, sneezing into your elbow or tissue and if unwell do not attend to your shift.  Where possible adhere to the 1.5 social distancing guidelines.

Also all workers must complete the below Infection Control – COVID-19 training and forward the completion certificate. The link is below, if you haven’t completed this please do so asap and thank you to those that have completed the module.

To remain successful and compliant as a service provider at this time, we must remain vigilant with the above infection control, distancing guidelines and to report any illness or COVID-19 like symptoms to the office.

I have also provided a link to correct management of PPE, so please take a look.  ( RACGP – Royal Australian College of General Practitioners)

Previous correspondence was sent to all staff advising that we have been lucky enough to receive some disposable facial masks in the office, so if you require any please contact the office team.  If you are purchasing PPE yourself, ensure you keep the receipts and claim them when completing your tax return.

For all participants/clients and staff that have taken time off during this pandemic will be asked to complete and return a COVID-19 screening document.  All employees must complete and return the above infection control module before recommencing services.

All new participant/clients and employees to AIHC will be screened during the onboarding process to ensure we take all precautionary measures.

If you are an employee who has ceased working during this time and are contemplating a return to services, could you please send an email to the with estimated date of return, your availability and the participants/clients you provided support to.  You will then be forwarded the COVID-19 return to work screening form to complete and return along with the completion certificate for the Infection control module (attached above).

If anyone has any questions, please contact the office.

Take care and all stay safe.