Covid Update June 2020

Hello Absolute In Home Care team.

This is an email to thank you all for your continued supports and assistance to your participants/clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As many of you are aware with the reported increase in positive COVID-19 cases in Victoria and with winter now upon us, we must ask that you all follow correct policy and procedures when unable to attend shifts.

If you are unwell, presenting symptoms for  COVID-19, or have been in contact with someone who suspect they are infected or have been tested with a positive result of COVID-19 you must advise the office immediately.  

For Absolute In Home Care to continue providing supports during this pandemic, we must all be adhering to the requirements. (please see attached Attendance Policy updated to include COVID-19 requirements)

  1. If you are unwell do not attend to shifts
  2. If unwell and unable to attend shift, please provide prior notice to your participant and you must contact the office in advance.
  3. Ensure you adhere to the COVID-19 Infection Control practices (good hygiene, physical distancing, avoid public gatherings).  If you have not completed this online course, you are required to do so asap.
  4. If you are presenting COVID-19 symptoms stay home and get tested, ensure you notify and send the test results to the office.
  5. If you have been tested and return a positive result to COVID-19 you must inform the office immediately, as we are obligated to provide this information to the NDIA and government health departments.  
  6. If you are positive for COVID-19 you must adhere to health department requirements and isolate immediately.
  7. If you require time of for leave, study or other reasons, please provide as much notice as possible, and notify the office by email, to include all dates.

In regards to your participants, check in with them, ask how they are feeling, for those with communication difficulties, ask them directly if they have any symptoms, such as sore throat.  Remember they may find it difficult to communicate the non-visible symptoms to you.

Please find attached a Fact Sheet, Information for Disability Support providers and workers for your reference.

We asks that all Absolute In Home Care employees follow policy and procedures and contact your participant if you are unable to attend to your service and you MUST contact and advise the office.  If you call out of hours, ensure you leave a message on the voice mail or send an email to

We appreciate the difficulties within your day to day roles, and again thank you all for commitment to our organisation and most importantly to your participants/clients

Stay safe and well.