Covid Update April 2020

I hope at this very different time that confronts us all, you are well and safe. 

I wanted to send an email with a few key messages, and also a huge thank you to those of you continuing to offer one on one supports to our participants.

We have had several phone calls to the office recently with queries regarding the use and supply of PPE and also the governments JobKeeper scheme, so I will address them below.

  • PPE has been a topic of discussion, and we have had queries form both our participants/clients and support workers regarding the supply and use.  We as an organisaiton have no direct link or supply of this equipment, so as mentioned in a previous email if you are able to source and acquire any PPE, please do so, and remember you can claim the purchase of these with your tax return, just ensure you keep the receipts.
  • Absolute In Home Care have emailed a request directly to the NDIS for PPE supplies, we will let you know if we receive any via this means of request. 
  • We understand that for some of you this is a difficult time financially and therefore want to advise that Absolute In Home Care have nominated for the governments JobKeeper scheme.  Unfortunatley at this point in time Absolute In Home Care do not meet some of the criteria specified and are not currently eligible.  If this changes in the future we will continue to provide information and status updates.

Please find below a few links from an Employee Assistance program that have added a few information videos from a psychologist Professor Lea Waters with some advice on how to manage during this difficult time from the Department of Health.

How to help others

How to use your time productively

Tips for mindfulness

How to use savouring to boost your positivity

We cannot stress enough the importance of good hygiene practices such as regular hand washing, sneezing into your elbow or tissue and if unwell do not attend to your shift.  Where possible adhere to the 1.5 social distancing guidelines.  Please ensure that you have read and completed the training and information sent in a previous email Infection Control – COVID-19. The link is below, if you haven’t completed this please do so.

Any employee’s showing symptoms of COVID-19 or are not well, should not be attending services until they have received medical clearance.

Can I please use this opportunity to remind those of you who have not completed the NDIS Workers Orientation Module to please do so as this is a requirement for the audit.  If you require the link again please let me know via a returned email.

You are all doing a fantastic job during difficult circumstances and it is very much appreciated.

Stay Safe everyone.