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Client Testimonials

We are very pleased with our current service provider Absolute In Home Care, over time we have had a mixture of service providers – this is the best one! Any issues of concern have been picked up quickly and resolved. Our carer has helped our daughter plant her very own veggie garden and helps with the cooking, shopping, housekeeping and gardening. This has all lead to companionship and an opportunity to learn from someone else. My daughter is gaining confidence in the kitchen with cooking skills, shopping for food and reading recipes. Moving forward I hope our carer from Absolute In Home Care can start taking my daughter to concerts, going on small breaks over the weekend and sleeping over when the other family members are away.


Our carer from Absolute In Home Care provides exceptional support. They work above and beyond what is expected. Our carer provides a timetable of activities and provides resources. Our carer provides personal care, craft, education, physical activity (dance/Movement), music, writing and reading. I feel able to leave the house in confidence and without concern. It allows me respite which is what I need. There is so much stimulation, engagement, motivation and enjoyment from our carer.


Absolute In Home Care has improved my daily living standards. This service meets my needs extremely well. They are very helpful and friendly. Our carer works very well with me and all of my family. Sometimes she assists me on the weekends. I hope I can continue having her as my support worker always.


I really like Absolute In Home care and don’t want them to change a thing! I have achieved some of my goals, ie: showering safely and regularly, eating well balanced meals, getting out of the house.


Because of Absolute In Home Care and the great carer they have organised we have been able to have respite time. We are very happy and completely satisfied. We would highly recommend Absolute In Home Care.


Our carer from Absolute In Home care is suitably qualified, experienced, reliable and trustworthy. The team here do their job well.


I go out a lot more with my carer and my cleaner does a very good job. I am very satisfied with Absolute In Home Care because they are very good.


I have had a very good experience with Absolute In Home Care. My carer helps me get in and out of the shower and getting dressed. It gives my mum and dad support and respite. I am very happy with this service. 


I am an amputee and I find tasks difficult. My carer from Absolute In Home Care always does a great job. This service meets my needs extremely well. I get very tired and sore easily but as I have help I don’t need to worry and I can concentrate on the other things in my life like working and looking after my child.


Absolute In Home Care is a welcoming environment to work in. The care and attention given to all their clients and staff is second to none. They provide a personalised service where each client is treated as an individual. They are accommodating to your personal life and all staff have an understanding and caring nature.


My carer helps me to organise my timetable and prompts me to go to the gym. They help me with organising and keeping my home clean and tidy and help with organising my life. I am very satisfied. 


Absolute In Home Care meets our needs very well. There is lots of planning with the kids, taking them to activities, picking them up and dropping off to kinder, child care, school and appointments.


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Client Testimonials


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Client Testimonials


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Client Testimonials


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Client Testimonials

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We are keeping our participants safe with our carers all completing infection control - COVID-19 training.

Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

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