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What is In Home Care?

In Home Care is a set of federally funded programs that allow for the care of people in their own home, where special circumstances apply and eligibility criteria is met.

How do I find the right Carer?

In Home Care completes this process for you, and ensures that suitably qualified carers are matched to meet the individual needs of each family and individual. The team at In Home Care strive to ensure the support and care requirements of the family are met. A carer is introduced to the family and care commences at a mutually convenient date.

What will the carer duties/responsibilities be with children in the home?

Carers are responsible for the day to day care of children in the family home. The extent of responsibility is negotiated between the family and the carer depending on the family's needs and requirements. For example one family may be comfortable for the carer to drive their vehicle and do school drop offs, take younger children on short outings to the park and be the sole person in charge of the child for a short period. Other families may wish to still be involved but need support to carry out everyday tasks such as feeding/ bathing/ interacting with children. The In Home Care standards confirm that carers can complete any tasks that are 'pertaining to the needs of the children', such as preparing the children's meals, sterilising bottles, tidying up toys etc. Carers are NOT required to do house cleaning and will not be permitted to do tasks unrelated to the care of children (i.e. pick up dry cleaning, scrub the bathroom etc). **Carers are not permitted to transport children in their private vehicles due to insurance and liability considerations. If parents require children to be picked up from school etc, the family may negotiate this role with the carer, but the family car would have to be used.

What do I need to do as a client when receiving services?

  • Apply for / or ensure your entitlement with governing organisation is current.
  • Work with the carer to explain your circumstances and needs. The better the communication you can build with your carer; the better they can support you in the way you require.
  • Maintain an operable home and or mobile telephone so that the carer and the management team can contact you
  • Maintain home insurance
  • Give at least 14 days notice of taking holidays so that alternative work can be arranged for the carer
  • Give as much notice as possible if services are not required due to illness, other family support, etc
  • If children are being cared for and they have a medical condition, provide the carer with a copy of the child's Medical Management Plan
  • Complete any feedback and evaluation forms that are provided to ensure the best outcomes for the service
  • Time sheets - please initial each day that the carer works, and then sign and date at the end of each fortnight, giving your approval and consent that the carer worked the hours as stated on the time sheet.

How do I pay for the service?

Depending on the service you are utilising the following payment conditions apply;

TAC / WorkSafe - By approving and signing the carers/cleaners time sheets, you are authorising In Home Care to apply for the TAC / WorkSafe claim on your behalf, which pays your account. A small fee for service also applies directly to you, the client. N.B: If your circumstances change and you use a different type of care arrangement, we will notify you if a fee for service becomes necessary.

Private Cleaning, Aged Care and Nanny Child Care - By approving and signing the carers/cleaners time sheets, you are authorising In Home Care to issue you with an invoice for those hours. Accounts are payable within 7 days.

What happens if my Carer is sick or on holidays?

In Home Care will endeavour to replace your carer with another carer registered with our service. At short notice this cannot always be guaranteed.

Can I change my days/hours?

Yes - but with approval. You can discuss an increase/decrease/change in hours with your carer. If you both agree that a suitable arrangement can be made, approval must be gained by the In Home Care management team. Please contact the office on 03 9455 8989 prior to any changes. This process ensures that regulations and total hours of approval can be met.

How long can I receive this service?

Most forms of care our generally provided on an ongoing basis.

TAC & WorkSafe: Approvals are granted with end dates. We communicate these clearly to you. Should you require more assistance, it is your responsibility as the recipient to contact TAC / WorkSafe to apply for further assistance under your claim.

Who can I speak to if I have any concerns/questions?

We support you to discuss any concerns with your carer. If you feel uncomfortable, or have queries regarding other matters, you can call the In Home Care team on PH: 03 9455 8989.